Don Riley, a south London commercial property owner, had a front row seat when the Thatcher government decided to extend the Jubilee line. All the way from Waterloo station to the new financial centre in Docklands.

Then Don, teaming up with Fred Harrison, an investigating journalist and author at that time, decided in the first edition of this book to conclusively demonstrate how public money, operated by the government, provides the basis for private profits and guaranteed incomes. Following the publication of Taken for a Ride 1 st edition, a number of professional surveys were commissioned which confirmed Don Riley’s results

Now it is our chance to apply such lessons to the challenges of the 21st century.

As Don’s and Fred’s book is re-written, the ideas are bought back to the surface in this 2nd edition. Special thanks to Elon Musk’s Boring Project the lessons will provide an excellent roadmap of what will happen if the current tax regulations remain the same. But now the proposed solutions being discussed again proving to be valuable for us to build a better and fairer society. Now it’s up to all of us – including you the reader – of whatever political persuasion, to work towards a change that will introduce fairness, harmony, and most importantly justice in our economic system.


Author Details:
Fred Harrison is Research Director of Land Research Trust, London. After a career as a Fleet Street investigative journalist, Harrison turned his attention to the failure of economic analysis and public policies in the market economies.

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Don Riley moved from New Zealand to London, England in 1962. He became one of the most successful property developers of the era building London’s Southwark Street.By rescuing derelict buildings in the Southwark area south of London Bridge,Don Riley had a 20-year record of valuing sites included in this study.