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Fred Harrison is Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust. He is notable for his stances on land reform and belief that an over reliance on land, property and mortgage weakens economic structures and makes companies vulnerable to economic collapse.

His first book, The Power in the Land (1983), predicted the economic crisis of 1992. He followed this with a 10-year forecast (published in The Chaos Makers [1997]) that a global financial crisis would be triggered when house prices peaked in 2007.

He studied economics at Oxford, first at Ruskin College and then at University College, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. His MSc is from the University of London. Fred’s first career was in newspaper journalism, most notably at The People newspaper, where he became chief reporter. After a move to Economics, initially as Director of the Centre for Incentive Taxation, he spent 10 years in Russia advising their Federal Parliament (Duma) and local authorities on property tax reform and establishment of land markets. Since his return to the UK he has worked as a corporate business advisor, research director, writer and lecturer.

Fred was the winner of the Best Achievement Award in the 2017 People’s Book Prize for Rent Unmasked. Read more about his win in this blog post, which includes a video of his acceptance speech and an interview.

Fred has created a number of documentaries which champion land value taxation. Below is one which explains how this form of taxation has created economic success in Denmark.

Harrison is inspired by the writings of American political economist, Henry George. He has written for a number of newspapers and magazines and his books are widely distributed. His books published by Shepheard-Walwyn are below. Click on the products to find out more about each book or to purchase them.

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Harrison founded and runs the YouTube Channel Geophilos which hosts many of his documentaries which explain and quantify his economic theories.

His blog can be found at ShareTheRents.Org

Endorsements for Fred Harrison

“This is the fundamental reason … why the welfare state of the past 60 years has not worked” (Ricardo’s Law)
Ashley Seager in The Guardian

“The man who predicted the property crash.”
Ross Clark, Spectator and Mail on Sunday

“Boom Bust should be compulsory reading for all those in the Treasury.”
Mark Dampier, The Independent

“Fred Harrison’s book is nothing short of excellent. Until we realize that land is a national rather than a purely private asset, we are likely to continue the current application of taxation and thus follow the ‘boom bust’ path.” (Boom Bust)
The Professional Insurance Broker