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Book cover for Sovereignty: Power beyond Politics by LL Blake


Little attention has recently been given to sovereignty, and yet it is a matter of the greatest political consequence to the people of Northern Ireland, the Falklands and Gibraltar. The […]

Cover for The Prince and the Professor

The Prince and the Professor

With the ever-increasing tide of legislation from the European Commission and its overriding effect on English law, with the current debate on our monarchy, and indeed on all our ancient […]

Cover image for Friend of Castlereagh by John Stewart

Friend of Castlereagh

Chosen for Autumn 2013 PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Fiction 1798 in Ireland has been described variously as the year of the French, the year of Liberty, or the year […]

Cover image for the book Sonnets by Kenneth Verity


“A silver lantern in the heavens is hung, The crescent bow set high above the trees; Its arching radiance into space is sung And by its gentle light the lover […]

Cover image for Cascade of Stars by Mira Mehta

A Cascade of Stars

A cascade of stars Set against a shade of night To beautify your day. In Cascade of Stars the well-known Yoga teacher and author Mira Mehta explores the worlds of […]

Cover for the book Shakespeare: A Hundred Years on Film by Eddie Sammons

Shakespeare: A Hundred Years on Film

Shakespeare: A Hundred Years on Film fills a gap in the world of film literature and celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the first filmed work of the Bard, revealing his […]

Cover for the book Theres No More Dying Then by Stephanie Wilson

There’s No More Dying Then

In this book Stephanie Wilson shares her discoveries about the mystery that is death. This is a book for the living and the younger the better. In spite of her […]