With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the debate around the merits of the monarchy is further ignited, as seen recently in the Commonwealth countries, where the movement towards transitioning to a republic state is gaining ground. Gattey presents a powerful argument as to why the monarchy helps to maintain stability within a country and so absorb more radical changes in its political and social structures than would otherwise be possible, without the risk of disorder. How can this be? Gattey’s contribution to this topical debate is invaluable.


Charles Neilson Gattey was the president of the Society of Civil Service Authors in England. A successful playwright and screenwriter, his works include The White Falcon and The Eleventh Hour. A highly prolific author of romantical and historical novels, social commentary and biographies, his books include Queens of Song, In Bed with an Elephant, Luisa Tetrazzini, The Florentine Nightingale and Prophecy and Prediction in the Twentieth Century.