We are delighted to have three recent titles included in the 2018 People’s Book Prize. The books are by authors Tessa West, Stan Hazell and John Zametica. We have already received some excellent comments from readers in the competition. When you vote you can also add a short review or endorsement of the book and we would encourage you to do so. Voting closes on 15th October.

Cover - Lady Sue of Warsaw
Cover for Folly and Malice by John Zametica
Cover for Long Way from Adi Ghehad by Stan Hazell

Long Way from Adi Ghehad – by Stan Hazell

“A fascinating insight into the life of the refugee through the eyes of a humble, inspiring, tenacious Christian man who has experienced and witnessed living history and who inspires me to fight for greater worldwide social justice.”

“This is the most moving story of a refugee journey full of resilience and determination to excel in the host society and as a great example in the diaspora community. A very needed material for this Western Refugee crisis period!”

“A shining example of how we can make something of our life even with the humblest of backgrounds and difficult beginnings. Wonderful!”

Lady Sue Ryder of Warsaw – by Tessa West

“Tessa West invites the reader to be alongside her as she investigates the life of Sue Ryder. I felt that I not only got close to Sue Ryder but also that I was part of the process of enquiry. This added an extra dimension – learning more about Sue Ryder’s best known achievements but also about the many ins and outs of an unusual life. It was a life of my times, which added more interest. And I liked the fact that when, occasionally, Sue Ryder almost slipped from view, the author told us why this was. Sue Ryder felt real and I trusted the account. Good research, thoughtful writing. Quite a story.”

“Sue Ryder and Leonard Chesire … became real examples of what the privileged are supposed to do for those in need. They renounced many the joys of life they could have had to give a lot of opportunities to those suffering.”

“A very well written and extensively researched book about a person whose name is familiar but about whom I knew very little. Excellent illustrations and a most interesting read.”

“This a remarkable book on a most remarkable woman. Tessa West really does her justice. This life is fascinating and moving: Sue Ryder’s single-mindedness and strengths vividly portrayed.”

Folly and Malice – by John Zametica

“A riveting read – nowadays surrounded by war or the threat of war, John Zametica’s work resolves questions about the debate as to the circumstances which led to the First World War.”