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Shirley Gallagan’s career began in the music industry, promoting major international recording artists, before choosing to use her skills to further her real loves: animal welfare, wildlife and compassionate conservation. Before working to establish The White Lion Foundation, Shirley spent more than 20 years as the PR Director of an international wildlife charity. She travelled extensively working with international media and film crews, creating and promoting major wildlife appeals and worldwide news stories.

“My love of animals will never diminish, nor my determination to help save them.”

More about The White Lion Foundation

The White Lion Foundation (TWLF) is an ambitious vision for the future of global wildlife conservation, aimed at world-class high-impact projects for the protection and welfare of wild animals. TWLF is dedicated to the support of scientific endeavour, and the engagement of communities through progressive education and awareness campaigns.

The TWLF team will always work with integrity, kindness and dedication in their endeavours to protect wild animals.

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