Shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize 2021-2022.
The People's Book Prize

Munu is a story of hope in the face of adversity. As one of the world’s rarest black rhinoceros, Munu was tragically blinded and could not have survived in the wild if it was not for the White Lion Foundation who rescued him, offering him a sanctuary and lifetime care in South Africa. His story, as the most special rhino in the world, will appeal to children, with its humorous tone as well as promoting the charity’s ethos of integrity and kindness. Munu’s story raises the profile of the charity’s ambitious vision for the future of global wildlife conservation, at the centre of which, are children today, the conservationists of the future.



Shirley Galligan’s career began in the music industry, promoting major international recording artists, before choosing to use her skills to further her real loves: animal welfare, wildlife and compassionate conservation. Before working to establish The White Lion Foundation, Shirley spent more than 20 years as the PR Director of an international wildlife charity. She travelled extensively working with international media and film crews, creating and promoting major wildlife appeals and worldwide news stories.



Zoë Barnish illustrates for children’s books, film and television. Her latest projects include the BBC series, ‘Word waves’, with 5 illustrated children’s books to accompany the films; an animated presentation created for Sir David Attenborough; an animated film and illustrated book, ‘World in Danger’, written by Frankie Morland. She has also produced the film, ‘When Did You Get Old?” for Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Amy Wadge. She is currently illustrating and animating a BBC series called ‘Rivers’, due for release in March 2021.


White Lion Foundation Patron

Helen Worth, actor and recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award (British Soap Awards, 2014), is one of the Honorary Patrons of the White Lion Foundation.  She actively champions the Foundation’s work, for example, the story of Munu’s plight on “Good Morning Britain” (August 2019) and  “This Morning” (May 2020).


Proceeds to go to the White Lion Foundation

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the White Lion Foundation’s Munu Rhino Appeal to establish a Rhino Rehabilitation Centre and Nursery for young orphaned calves.



“The real-life story of Munu captured my heart and to see it retold in this charming and beautiful book for children is an absolute dream. This tale about a young rhino surviving in the wild is well crafted and rich with imagination and fantasy.
It takes you on Munu’s extraordinary journey with compassion and love and with joyous humour. It is also a story of friendship and what can be achieved when people work together.
I hope children around the world will fall in love with Munu and his story after reading this. The colourful and detailed illustrations practically leap from the page and expertly recreate life in the African bush.
This very special book will encourage a child’s interest in the natural world and help create our future conservationists.
Munu is lovable and endearing and every child will cheer and remember the world’s most special rhino for many years to come!”
Helen Worth, actor and recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award (British Soap Awards, 2014)

“A delightful and heartwarming story making the real life story of a remarkable rescue and subsequent rehabilitation of a black rhino. The book makes the issues surrounding the importance of conservation accessible to children, in a sensitive and encouraging way. So relevant in this day and age.”
Val, review on

“A brilliant and engaging children’s book, beautifully told and illustrated. Based on a true story.
A gift to encourage our wonder of our natural world.
Highly recommended.”
John Knight, review on

“This is a charming book that can be enjoyed by all ages. A poignant, feel good message, with a nostalgic nod to the classic childrens stories of the past.”
Colin Mortimer, review on

“A most original and engaging book. The beautiful illustrations very effectively complement and support the text. Although written for children, I suspect there will be many adults who will also find themselves drawn in to the wonderful story of Munu!”
Trevor Dawson, review on

“Beautifully written and illustrated book, made more enjoyable by being able to show my son the photos and videos of Munu after reading!”
Justin Guilbert, review on

“A moving quite beautiful tale that touches every emotion.”
Derek Lamden, review on

“Great read.”
Susana Jenkins, review on

“This is such a beautiful story, and beautifully designed as well!…”
Glorya, review on

“Wonderfully uplifting and touching story for junior environmentalist everywhere!”
Yuval Zommer, review on

Maria Monte, review on

“Very good…”
Jackie, review on

“Beautifully illustrated story of Munu,. A heartwarming read.”
Anna Ryan, review on

“Lovely book all round”
Dodge, review on

“A wonderful story with incredibly beautiful illustrations throughout. I really enjoyed reading this to my son.”
Marie-Claire, review on

“Great illustrations”
Liz B, review on

“Seeds of the future planet earth are planted now…children… are the greatest potential asset, guided by fact and factual fiction to rekindle the heart and action for our home, in all of its facets, on earth. Beautiful story.”
Coco, review on

“Fantastic book, my daughter absolutely loves this book. Well done Shirley!”
Bill, review on

“This books amazing. My nephew loves it”
Max, review on