Totty is a story of a brave turtle that overcomes different obstacles with the help of his friends. His adventure brings him full circle back to his birthing place, where he is saved by the Turtle Sea Rescue staff that help him and then release him back into the sea. His story is a positive way that children can learn about how litter in the ocean and oil spills can affect the different sea creatures and their homes and will inspire children to protect these creatures and become conservationists of the future.



Shirley Galligan’s career began in the music industry, promoting major international recording artists, before choosing to use her skills to further her real loves: animal welfare, wildlife and compassionate conservation. Before working to establish The White Lion Foundation, Shirley spent more than 20 years as the PR Director of an international wildlife charity. She travelled extensively working with international media and film crews, creating and promoting major wildlife appeals and worldwide news stories.



Zoë Barnish illustrates for children’s books, film and television. Her latest projects include the BBC series, ‘Word waves’, with 5 illustrated children’s books to accompany the films; an animated presentation created for Sir David Attenborough; an animated film and illustrated book, ‘World in Danger’, written by Frankie Morland. She has also produced the film, ‘When Did You Get Old?” for Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Amy Wadge. She has also illustrated and animated a BBC series called ‘Rivers’, released in 2021.


White Lion Foundation Patron

Helen Worth, actor and recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award (British Soap Awards, 2014), is one of the Honorary Patrons of the White Lion Foundation. She actively champions the Foundation’s work.


Proceeds to go to the White Lion Foundation

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the White Lion Foundation’s Sea Rescue Turtle Centre in Turkey, to support their conservation work of the Leatherback, Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles. For more information and to donate, please visit The White Lion Foundation’s website.



My favourite part was when the whale set him free, and he was rescued by the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre. This story is a positive way for children to learn how litter in the ocean and oil spills can affect sea creatures and their homes. If you like sea animals and care for the environment then this is a good book for you!” Max, National Geographic Kids Magazine, February 2023, issue 212