A group of Brexit campaigners including Euro MP Steven Woolfe gave EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier a hamper of British products during a meeting at the European Commission in Brussels. The gift has been called the #BrexitHamper by Twitter users and has been rather controversial to say the least, with some pointing out that items in the hamper were produced outside of the UK, or by companies which are anti-Brexit.

However, we were surprised to see a copy of Jeremy Havardi’s The Greatest Briton, Essays on Winston Churchill’s Life and Political Philosophy among the chosen items. Shepheard-Walwyn is an independent publisher based in London (thus thoroughly British) and this book forms part of our small politics list. The essays were described by Finest Hour as ‘literate, well-written, and cite a variety of published sources… the book is best considered as a new introduction to Churchill and his times…’ . For anyone interested in an insight into Churchill’s life, this could be a good book to pick up, which would also support the UK’s independent book trade, a move we can all get behind regardless of your stance on Brexit.

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