A little-known creation myth from India that offers rich descriptions, complex language, and bewitching truth is transcribed with calligraphy and adorned with watercolor illustrations in this meditation on the origins of the world. The account parallels stories of creation from Genesis and the Upanishads, but the distinctive details and ancient wisdom offer a unique perspective on the vibrating thread from which all life was born. The contemplative text and serene illustrations make this illuminated book a moving and thought-provoking reflection on the presence of the sacred in the world.


Author Details
Dorothy Boux was born and brought up in Derbyshire, had three children and eleven grandchildren. She started drawing at an early age, but her interest in calligraphy came later. She printed her first book herself on an old hand press.

Her four earlier books written in calligraphy and illustrated with her delicate watercolours were well received:

Images of Christmas – “beautifully produced to look like an old illuminated manuscript.”
Sunday Express

The Golden Thread – “one of the most amazing books I have ever seen, an anthology of about 100 short texts drawing on many religions and philosophies.”
The Philosopher

All the World’s a Stage – “a real labour of love. The result is sure to enchant any lover of Shakespeare.”
This England

Woman: A Unique Tribute – “so beautiful it gives you a lift before you even read a word – little touches make this book special.”
Cygnus Review

You can read more about Dorothy Boux on her author page.


“The Eternal One is a beautiful and magical book, to be treasured and pondered for a lifetime. It contains a very ancient account of creation whose original source still remains a mystery. It found its way into the hands of H P Blavatsky during her extensive travels in India and Tibet in the late 1850s, and she tells us that it was engraved on tablets in an ancient language which she later translated for inclusion in The Secret Doctrine as the Stanzas of Dzyan. As we reflect on these Stanzas, so vividly brought alive by Dorothy Boux’s gorgeous watercolours and calligraphy, we gain an increasing awareness of the source behind all form, and the unbreakable thread which holds the created to the creator. Best of all, we are led to the realisation of the unity of all.”
The Cygnus Review