Image of Dorothy Boux


Dorothy Boux fell in love with drawing from an early age. Her passion for art persisted throughout her life and could even be noticed from her career choices, most notably her running of a gallery in Harrow on the Hill, London. She later came to write a work As I Trace Again Thy Winding Hill: Harrow on the Hill, a self-described ‘tapestry of prose and verse’. In this work, Boux seemingly draws inspiration from her time spent in the area, naming the piece accordingly and celebrating its beauty. However, despite still choosing to exhibit her calligraphy and illustrations at craft fairs, Boux started to shift her attention towards writing. Primarily detailing her insights into spirituality, each of Boux’s works are written out by hand. Her first book was printed herself on an old hand press. This creative yet deliberate way of producing is even exemplified in the watercolours she creates and pairs with her books. Boux’s beautiful body of work includes All the World’s a Stage, As I Trace Again Thy Winding Hill, The Eternal One, The Golden Thread, Images of Christmas and Woman: A Unique Tribute.

Dorothy Boux sadly died in 2015.


“… one of the most amazing books I have ever seen … an anthology of about a hundred very short texts taken from a wide variety of sources drawing on the teachings of many religions and philosophies.”
The Philosopher

“The colours throughout the book are unexpectedly muted and restrained, At first glance this seem a drawback but as one reads on these very colours bring a sort of peacefulness.”
The Universe