This book is a gentle reminder that behind all the business of life, the unpredictable changes and stress, there is that which is eternal, unchanging and ever the same with which we are linked, as it were, by a golden thread.

In gathering together this anthology, written in calligraphy and delightfully illustrated with watercolour paintings, Dorothy Boux has drawn on the teachings of many religions and philosophies, all leading from the same beginning towards one and the same goal.

Spanning many cultures and millennia, these words of the wise awaken memory, bring strength, comfort and illumination. The Golden Thread takes the journey from birth, through the wonders of creation to the revelation of that which underlies it all. On the way it touches on the transience of life and our need for direction through prayer and statements of faith. Pointing to the role of humankind in the world, it also explores the nature of God, and culminates in some profound statements about the unity of all creation.

This is a heart-warming book, which will give pleasure and nourishment to heart and mind, and will bring reconciliation to a divided world. Whether read from cover to cover or dipped into at random, the reader will be moved to return to it again and again.


Author Details
Dorothy Boux, born and brought up in Derbyshire, had three children and eleven grandchildren. She started drawing at an early age, but her interest in calligraphy came later. She printed her first book herself on an old hand press. Her two subsequent books Images of Christmas and this volume were produced entirely in calligraphic script and beautifully illustrated throughout, labours of love, each of which took several years to complete.

You can read more about Dorothy Boux on her author page.


“… one of the most amazing books I have ever seen … an anthology of about a hundred very short texts taken from a wide variety of sources drawing on the teachings of many religions and philosophies.”
The Philosopher

“The colours throughout the book are unexpectedly muted and restrained, At first glance this seem a drawback but as one reads on these very colours bring a sort of peacefulness.”
The Universe