Andrew Purves will be speaking at the ALTER Conference and AGM on 21st November in Oxford. ALTER is Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform and is the Liberal Democrat campaign for Land Value Taxation – tax land not work.

Andrew is the author of recent Ethical Economics book No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax and will be talking to ALTER members about the topics covered in his book. He explains how Hong Kong and Singapore use Land Value Taxation to avoid many of the problems other countries have faced in the recent economic crash.

Here are some endorsements for Andrew’s research:
“This is an excellent book. It brings a highly informed, exterior perspective to the debate on the particulars of the remarkable Hong Kong Revenue Regime. There is a real freshness about the discussion, which benefits from a number of well chosen comparative reflections – in addition to its strong theoretical foundations.”
Richard Cullen, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

“A highly readable, succinct, exposition of the subject. [Purves] managed to strike the right balance between detailed data and text so as not to overload the reader.”
Roger Nissim – surveyor and author of Land administration and Practice in Hong Kong

“This is a well-researched description of the remarkably high level of prosperity which exists for the people of Hong Kong. For 7m people to be sustained on a land area of only 426sqmi, with no natural resources, is aptly called ‘miraculous’. It is not a miracle, however, because the way Hong Kong raises the funds for the necessary functions of government is responsible for its success.”

“Simply written with a wealth of detail.”
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“In No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax, Andrew Purves, who grew up in Hong Kong, unravels the enigma of these two misfits in the economic firmament.”
Ciaran Ryan, MoneywebRead full review here.

Find out more about ALTER and Andrew’s talk at their AGM on their website.