Congratulations to Marika Henriques whose book The Hidden Girl is a finalist in The People’s Book Prize. The book clearly resonated with many. Marika received a large number of outstanding reviews of her book during the voting. Here are some of them:

“Wonderful tapestries, drawings, poetry and her unique story share the pain of being a hidden girl. After much suffering and courage this leads to joy of her soul’s journey, to feel her way back to her Tradition and sense of belonging.”

“The Hidden Girl is an extraordinary book about a very special lady.This is a book which is so different to other Holocaust books. It is about life, living, survival and determination presented in a unique way to the readers and future generations.”

“An exceptionally original way of communicating what was clearly an unbearable experience through the medium of both words and pictures used with subtle symbolic effect…”

To read more comments visit the People’s Book Prize page.

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Cover of The Hidden Girl by Marika Henriques

This award is chosen by a public vote, with readers adding comments and short reviews of the works they vote for. There are 2 heats each year and the winners in each category go through to the grand final. Votes from the first round are carried forward and voting for the final is from 1-30 April 2019. Winners are announced at the awards ceremony in May. Many thanks to all who voted for Marika in the heats. Good luck to Marika in the finals.