Congratulations to John Symons whose book The Zinoviev Controversy Resolved is a finalist in The People’s Book Prize.

“John Symons states that he ‘turns on its head the history of the Zinoviev letter’, and puts to rest ‘a national tragedy after a century’. So can this be true? Is it really possible that Symons has been able to solve a mystery that has stymied and intrigued historians for 95 years (to this very month)? Such questions today could hardly be more timely.”
Guy Walters, Mail on Sunday – Read Feature here.

“A compellingly researched re-interpretation of one of the most important documents in the history of inter-War British politics. It significantly changes our narrative of the period and has implications that reverberate far beyond the 1920s.”
Stephen Taylor, Professor of History, Durham University

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This award is chosen by a public vote, with readers adding comments and short reviews of the works they vote for. There are 2 heats each year and the winners in each category go through to the grand final. Winners are announced at the awards ceremony in April 2020.