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Author of the best-selling book “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking” Phil has a wealth of knowledge concerning international real estate markets that cannot be equalled.

Phil graduated from RMIT University in 1985 with a degree in accounting and economics. He is the managing director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), the company he founded in 1991 that has offered economic forecasting services to a large following of investors who have since benefited from his life changing market insights.

“You’d know exactly the right time to buy a home or investment property. (And you’d most certainly know when not to.) You’d know the ideal time to profit from a stock market sell-off, and you’d have the confidence to invest in assets when most people are held back missing opportunities of a lifetime.”


Phillip J Anderson is the world’s foremost authority in the area of business, real estate and commodity cycles. Click on the cover below to order or read more about his bestselling book.

Now, as part of the Property Sharemarket Economics service, Phil has teamed up with a dedicated group of analysts and researchers sharing the same vision.

This vision will continue to educate those investors and traders on the most important cycle of all: the 18.6 year land and credit cycle.

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