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Born in Kent, Geoffrey Lee was one of the authors of a major work on world trade and for many years worked on yearbooks for the Financial Times. The author of many short stories and articles in the national press, he became assistant editor of an architectural magazine and then deputy editor of Country Life. In retirement he worked for the Historic Houses Association.


“Some historians argue that the introduction in 1908 of old age pensions, and unemployment benefits, for the very poorest class in Edwardian Britain, made the difference ten years later between revolution and democratic ‘evolution’. Under Lloyd George’s premiership in 1918-22, Britain experienced social dislocation, strikes, high inflation and unrest, but did not follow Russia and Germany towards revolution. … Geoffrey Lee’s book is a masterful summary of this fascinating and important episode in our history.”
Foreword by Robert Lloyd George

“Lee deserves admiration for his simple and straightforward storytelling and for having the courage to treat the subject with the kind of dignity it deserves.”
Georgist Journal

“Lee’s book is a well-written account of the machinations leading up to and surrounding a key moment for the modern world. The story he tells will surely become an increasingly important political and social reference in a post-recession world.”
Land & Liberty