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Tony Vickers is a lifelong advocate for the use of geographic information (GI) in government. As a construction engineer; a military surveyor; a local councillor; and as a lecturer and researcher in green taxes, he has worked to bring about the more effective use of GI. He has a special interest in the policy aspects of GI and the ways in which land markets and sustainable urban development can be made to work better in society through its use.


“… an incisive analysis of how a land tax could help the UK build a fairer and more inclusive society.”
The Valuer

“This book is a primer for anyone who wants to create a more equitable, efficient and sustainable Britain.”
Chris Huhne MP

“Vickers’ crystal clear insights on public finance policy are reflected in his writings and innovative research projects. His book will teach you to fly with both left and right wings in balance.”
Alanna Hartzok, Director, Earth Rights Institute, USA