Author - Stan Hazell


Stan Hazell is a print and broadcast journalist. His career began on the Swansea and South Wales Voice weekly newspapers where he cut his teeth as a young reporter in the mining valleys. He joined the Western Mail in Cardiff before running their Swansea office. Returning to Cardiff to write the Western Mail‘s Wales and the World column, he then joined the newsroom team at TWW, the commercial television station. He was soon to find himself reporting on the Aberfan disaster and later organised coverage of the tour through the Principality of the Prince of Wales after his investiture at Caernarvon Castle.

After moving to Bristol to join the West of England news team, by now HTV News, he became news editor and then editor of the evening magazine programme. He worked on all the major news events in the West Country through the 70s, 80s and 90s, among them Concorde’s first flight and the St Paul’s riots. He also produced current affairs programmes and live outside broadcasts including Royal visits and the opening of the Second Severn Bridge.

Experiencing the technological changes in TV news, from black and white film, through to colour and then electronic news gathering (ENG), he ended his time at HTV playing a leading role in setting up what was then the first fully automated digital TV news operation. He subsequently worked with TV stations in Paris and Madrid as well as other parts of Britain as they also embraced new technology.

Since leaving his broadcasting role he has edited a community newspaper and contributed to magazines. He has been particularly keen to write about the lives of people who have endeavoured to make a difference in their communities and has written many articles on the subject visiting projects all over Britain. The biography of Dr Mebrahtu has been a stimulating opportunity to extend that interest.

Stan Hazell is the author of Long Way from Adi Ghehad: Journey of an Asylum Seeker: Dr Teame Mebrahtu. To order, or find out more about this book please click on the product below.


“Stories of outstanding people, who overcome great adversity, encounter almost impossible odds in rising from humble beginnings in remote villages to become noteworthy citizens of the world, form part of the most uplifting areas of literature. Such individuals and their life experiences in following a powerful mission to improve human-kind, provide exemplars of how to live a truly good life. This account of the life of Teame Mebrahtu is undoubtedly part of that pantheon of biographies.”
Professor Malcolm Johnson, University of Bristol