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ROBERT V ANDELSON (1931 – 2003)

Robert V. Andelson was born in Los Angeles, California, on the 19th of February 1931.

After studying at the University of Southern California, Andelson was awarded his PhD in Religion and Social Philosophy before going on to become an ordained minister in the Congregational Christian Church. His interest in subjects like government, philosophy and religion later drove him to teach these subjects across America, most notably at colleges in California, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. Still, Andelson would most markedly become a professor of philosophy at Auburn University, located in Alabama, where he finally settled. After becoming a member of the Graduate School Faculty of Auburn Universities, Andelson would also go on to receive the honorary title of “Professor Emeritus”.

As an esteemed author, Andelson’s work was greatly influenced by his strong belief in classical liberalism as well as the economic and political philosophies propagated by Henry George. He co-authored ‘From Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post Marxist World’ but edited and wrote numerous of his own works. This body of work consists of Commons Without Tragedy, Critics of Henry George, Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism, Imputed Rights, Land Value Taxation Around the World, 2nd edition’ and Land Value Taxation Around the World, 3rd edition.

Sadly, after experiencing a fatal stroke whilst recovering from a minor surgery, Robert V. Andelson died on 8th December 2003.


“Andelson’s book is a courageous endeavour to renew the metaphysical foundations of natural rights.”
Russell Kirk, foreword to 1st edition

“What strikes me as most impressive in Imputed Rights is its really profound understanding of human freedom and human rights.”
Will Herberg