Tapping the table at which they were sitting, the author asked his companions whether they had any idea of the ceaseless activity going on below the apparently solid surface. To his sceptical audience he explained that it was mainly empty space, the hardness being an illusion created by the rapid motion of the subatomic particles.

This led to a lively discussion about the nature of reality and our everyday perception of things. In an endeavour to clarify the issue, the author offered to explain in a letter, a letter which turned, four years later, into this book.

Thus began this voyage of discovery through the universe, amongst its atoms, solar systems and galaxies to find answers to some of life’s most basic questions. How does the universe work? What is our part in it? What is this intelligence we enjoy? Where does it come from and how are we able to ask, and even answer, such questions? Might this same ‘knowingness’ build the solar systems as well as the galaxies within which they evolve? Are there other universes and, if so, might they be part of an endless cycle of birth, maturity and death on a vast scale?

In jargon-free language, the author addresses these questions in the light of modern science, but by a process the author calls ‘intuitive thought’ he has expanded our understanding and broken down the barriers between different scientific disciplines to provide a ‘theory of everything’, which reconciles not only cosmology and particle physics but also the issue of consciousness, considered by many to be the most important unsolved mystery of modern science. He suggests that intuitive thought patterns are the language of cosmic reality and that the current limited worldview of our species can be expanded to levels that enjoy total knowingness, a oneness of mind and purpose with the Cosmos.


Ken Moseley, born in the West Midlands, held a commission in the RAF and studied at its Cranwell College after his flying duties ended. On returning to the Midlands, he joined a small electrical engineering company that later became an internationally known public company under his managing directorship. On resigning, he developed his interests in horticulture, marketing and business consultancy, travelling extensively. The author of two earlier books, Intellectual Space and The Human Dilemma, he now lives abroad and is retired. With a background in electronic engineering and used to solving problems, this book is the outcome of his lifelong search for a reasonable and scientific explanation for the way the cosmos works and our part in it.


“The author has amassed considerable scientific knowledge and has then sat back to contemplate the pattern and meaning of reality with an open mind.”
Max Payne, Vice-President, Scientific & Medical Network

“Are there such things as cosmic intelligence and cosmic purpose? Ken Moseley does us a service in setting out his ideas, which, at the very least, challenge the discipline of our own in-groove conventional thinking if we are to refute his theories. For this alone, Moseley is to be congratulated on his efforts in producing this well-written work.”
Amazon Reader Review, A Stedall – Read more here.

“Clearly you have written a work of vast scope.”
Professor Lord Renfrew, Cambridge