Over a period of years Evelyn Scaramanga, a clergyman’s widow, collected some of the best loved and most uplifting passages from the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Each page is written out in calligraphy, in a modern style, but reminiscent of medieval illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells or Lindisfarne Gospels.

The originals are in five colours, the fifth, gold, being used for God, and a watercolour is at the start of each chapter. Each page starts with an illuminated initial capital letter set in a miniature painting. Evelyn Scaramanga has been assisted in her choice of translation for the texts by the biblical scholar, Rev John Eddison, to select the one which most clearly conveys the meaning of the original Greek. In all, eight different translations, ranging from the King James Version to the Good News Bible, are represented.

The passages are arranged in nine chapters:
Springs of Life, of Faith, Love, Peace, Praise, Comfort, Fellowship, Encouragement and Hope.


“The beauty of this work is that it would appeal to those who are unfamiliar with the scriptures, for its sheer artistry.”
Science of Thought Review