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Prof. Thorwald Nicolaus Tideman was born on the 11th August 1943 in Chicago, Illinois.

He first studied at Reed College and received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics in 1965. Then, in 1969, he went on to study at the University of Chicago, earning his PhD in Economics. From 1969-1973, Tideman was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Harvard University. However, during this time, he was simultaneously a Senior Staff Economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Despite holding numerous positions with the American Institute for Economics, the University of Buckingham and Harvard Kennedy School, he is now a professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has been so since 1973. Considered a Georgist economist, Tideman has authored over 80 professional articles in addition to several books. His work primarily concerns the topics of land taxation, public finance, voting theory and political philosophy. This body of work consists of titles like Collective Decisions and Voting: The Potential for Public Choice, Constitution for a Future Country, Marginal Cost Pricing and Eminent Domain, Land and Taxation and Land and Taxation, Second Edition.


“There is a sense in which all taxes are antagonistic to free enterprise – yet we need taxes … so the question is which are the least bad taxes? In my opinion, the least bad tax [note switch to singular] is the property tax on the unimproved value of land, the Henry George argument of many, many years ago.”
Milton Friedman

“Tax economists overwhelmingly support the idea that a tax on land represents an excellent source for government revenue.”