Author - Michael-Horsman


Michael Horsman, of mixed Danish, Irish, Scottish and Yorkshire descent, lives in rural County Wicklow, Ireland. His grandfather’s status as tax exile left a lasting scar on the family, impelling him to question the basis on which government revenue is raised. From there his thinking moved to consider the principles on which government expenditure should be based. The project turned into an odyssey of discovery lasting 35 years. He owns and runs a small import and distribution business while studying for his Masters in the University of Life!

Michael speaks in his epilogue about the story of writing his book. Here he describes how his writing block was overcome:

“When I finally made myself sit down, the words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and pages came tumbling, gushing, streaming out. A dam had broken, and when fifteen pages later I reviewed the result, I realised I was witnessing a miracle. Gone were all the crossings out, the infill arrows, the redistribution of thought arrows that normally graced my pages like spiders fighting ink battles. I held fifteen pages of fluent thought, emotion and story-telling such I had never seen in my life! And the miracle was real. Some months later I resumed work on this book after a long break … Truly a new world had opened up to me. I had finally found the ‘voice’ for my writing for which I had been searching in vain all the previous years. Since then I have rewritten almost the whole book.”

Michael is the author of The State of Freedom and Justice. Read more about it by clicking on the cover image below.


“The author’s greatest source of hope rests on generating widespread support for Henry George’s proposed shift from taxation to the economic rent of land as the source of public revenue. He takes the time to explain what this would accomplish as well as offering a plan for how it would be implemented.”
Edward J. Dodson, Senior Researcher, The Henry George Birthplace Archive and Historical Research Center

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