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Sir Kenneth Jupp, awarded the Military Cross for bravery at Anzio in Italy in 1944, went on to become a barrister at the Temple in London where he later became one of the leading parliamentary Bill draughtsmen before becoming a High Court judge in the Queen’s Bench Division.


“Kenneth Jupp asks: ‘Or is the search for justice in vain? Is justice to be found anywhere in this world of ours? There are glimpses of justice to be seen – in nations, in government, in law, in philosophy, in science and religion, in money and banking, in capitalism and in socialism. We need only eyes to see it and love to bring it to birth and give it expression’.

“Such words accurately sum up the wide perspective of this important book. The question he poses and the answers he supplies must be of great importance to the thinking citizen of today. I commend this book to anyone who wishes to follow in the footsteps of a wise man.”
L.L. Blake LLB, author, lecturer and barrister

“The rule of law is the foundation of civil society. It establishes a transparent process accessible and equal to all. It ensures adherence to principles that both liberate and protect. The IBA calls upon all countries to respect these fundamental principles. It also calls upon its members to speak out in support of the rule of law within their respective communities.”
International Bar Association 2006