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John Young, like Adam Smith, taught philosophy for many years before turning his attention to economics. He is the author of Reasoning Things Out, an introduction to philosophy, and has had many articles published in magazines and journals around the world.


“John Young’s Natural Economy is a book that could make a difference in the ongoing dialectic between the left and the right.”
James K. Fitzpatrick, The Wanderer

“In its quiet and exact way it is more radically revolutionary than the works of Marx. It is more radical, because it goes more surely to the root of economics. It is also revolutionary. But far from advocating violent revolution, the book begins its revolution by engendering an understanding of what is wrong, by first giving us an inkling of what ought to be.”
John Ziegler, AD 2000

“He sets about his task in a clear and systematic manner. For instance, the discussion of free enterprise, free competition and free trade presupposes a clear appreciation of the role of freedom in human affairs.”
D.G.Boland, Catholic Weekly