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John Warden spent the war years in Malaya and India. He studied Chemistry at Oxford and worked in Tanzania, later becoming a Patent Agent in London and Canada. During that time, he founded, and for five years was the Editor-in-Chief of the Annual of Industrial Property Law (Shepheard-Walwyn, 1975). After retiring early, he studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Switzerland for two years. There he applied his extensive knowledge of the chemistry of living matter to the important subject of symbolism in Eastern and Western thought and Jungian psychology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and lives near Oxford.


“It is an holistic vision of the unity of the natural and human sciences in all their facets guided by the author’s own sense of an emerging marriage of east and west.”
The Watkins Review

“This is an inspired book and I hope it will be widely read and meditated upon.”
John Clarke, Professor Emeritus in the History of Ideas at Kingston University, London

“Here, in this gem of a book, he offers us the enrichment of many creative ideas from his lifelong exploration of the scientific, psychological, intellectual and spiritual realms.”
Chungliang Al Huang, author & founder-President of Living Tao Foundation, Urbana, Illinois