Author - John Tippett


John Tippett has lectured in economics for 30 years, domestically and internationally, in both the university environment and the public arena. His formal training as an economist began at the University of Melbourne and continued at Monash University.

An upbringing on a family farm in north-western Victoria and early studies in agricultural science had a large influence on forming in him values of selfreliance, responsibility and practicality, all of which interpenetrate his thought and writings on economics; and his 30-plus years of active membership of the School of Philosophy in Melbourne has been an even greater influence in this regard.

Endorsements and Reviews

“Economics is not about measuring artificial constructs such as GDP, or inflation, nor whether stock prices follow a geometric brownian motion. Economics concerns human welfare, and the best mechanism to achieve the fairest outcome which preserves our civilisation.”
Dr Kim Sawyer

“I’m really enjoying reading John’s book “A Philosophers take on Economics”, absolutely spot on for what is happening today. I’m pretty sure it’s the only book I’ve read by an economist (philosopher) that I could understand! And I sub-majored in economics many years ago at Melbourne Uni.”
Grant Tenni

“I ‘Saw the Cat’ whilst reading John Tippett’s book in April. Now a proud ‘Georgist’ currently reading Progress and Poverty.”
Gerald Vandermeer