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Growing from a country childhood, John’s natural mysticism developed into organic farming and meditation. Much later, when life fell apart, it took him through depression and years of wandering in deserts of different sorts before gradually coming to realise that all appearing to be lost on earth is spiritually found.

In old age, after asking himself what he had of most value to leave behind, he started collating the many notes made throughout his life, of special insights / experiences received. These are published as Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment, followed by Mystic Approaches. He’s currently editing diaries and letters written during his several years in Russia, which confirm that when all else fails, the life of prayer begins. From here, he finds that poetry best serves the little left to say.

Conscious TV

John has been interviewed by Conscious TV about his experiences of finding peace, as part of their non-duality series. Watch the programmes here.

Episode One | Episode Two

John’s first book, tracing the unfolding spiritual journey of his life was published by Shepheard-Walwyn. His second book, Mystic Approaches follows on from and complements Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment. He also has two further pocket-sized books of mystic poetry and insights, called Destined to Joy and Farewell to Death. Find out more about them here.

Reader endorsements:

“Your profound insights are enormously encouraging, an awakening, a wonderful inspiration for me, and I feel so fortunate to have found them. Your experiences in Spirit are conveyed so clearly and simply … I find them truly uplifting. Every day I read some pages and always seem to find something new. I feel extremely grateful that you chose to write of your experience … your legacy is to inspire countless other people, and to enrich their lives as you have mine.”

“What heavenly symphony … a giant of a book … full of wonder, love and spiritual beauty… an earthly celebration of all that is not earth. Your experiences are the most precious and valuable I have ever heard first hand; they reveal and reinforce with such clarity the spirit I’ve always known but constantly lose. A shining, guiding star, your wonderful book will never be far from (my) hand.”

“Interesting is an understatement – it was mind blowingly wonderful. John, I cannot explain in words what reading your book has done for me. I feel I’ve found what I’ve been searching for.”

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