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Emer Ó Siochrú

Emer Ó Siochrú is a qualified architect, valuation surveyor and writer from Dublin, Ireland. After attending the University College Dublin, Ó Siochrú earnt her degree in Architecture before going on to found FEASTA, otherwise known as the “Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability”. From 1998 to 2011, Ó Siochrú worked at FEASTA, serving on their executive committee.

She later took on a position as director of EOS Future Design, becoming instrumental in the designing and developing of sustainable systems and settlements. Holding a management position at the Smart Tax Network, a FEASTA-led network, Ó Siochrú had also assisted in the development of tax policies, in areas related to the local environment, before finding further success as a writer of The Fair Tax.


“This slim volume argues for a tax which could do more to bring about social and economic justice than any other step a government could take. The authors believe that Ireland is in danger of missing a golden opportunity to lead the way.”
Bernadette Meaden, Justice Magazine (pg. 39)