Edi Bilimoria – Unfolding Consciousness: why Sapolsky is wrong, and how to get in tune with life

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Edi Bilimoria

Welcome to the Shepheard-Walwyn Podcast. In today’s episode, we welcome back one of our favourite authors, Edi Bilimoria. Since we last spoke to Edi, his book “Unfolding Consciousness” has won book awards. He’s appeared on many podcasts, launched a reader series with Dr Alex Gomez-Marin, long term collaborator with Ian McGilchrist, launched the eBook version of his incredible work and is about to launch a series with the Theosophical Society of America (spaces still available). We talk about all these topics and jump straight in with a conversation about free will and whether we are “Determined” as the latest bestseller from Robert Sapolsky asserts.

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