Edi Bilimoria – Unfolding Consciousness Part 5

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Unfolding Consciousness

Edi Bilimoria

Today we continue our mini series with Edi Bilimoria, author of the stunning 4 volume work Unfolding Consciousness. As book four is the reference book for the series, this is the penultimate dialogue with Edi.  Book three entitled – Gazing through the Telescope – Man is the Measure of All Things – has a lot of ideas so we felt it was best to split the conversation into two.  In this part we look at the first half of book three.

We have done our best to make this audio friendly. However, I encourage you to watch this on Youtube if you can or at least check out the diagrams in the video when you have listened. They made a massive difference to my understanding and our feedback suggests they could help you too.

We jump straight into this conversation with Edi explaining what is consciousness and why we need to focus more on relationships than on things so let’s get into the interview.