Edi Bilimoria – Unfolding Consciousness Part 4

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Cover for Unfolding Consciousness Vol 2 by Edi Bilimoria - Shepheard Walwyn Publishers

Unfolding Consciousness

Edi Bilimoria

Today we welcome back Edi Bilimoria to talk about the second volume of his stunning work Unfolding Consciousness. As a quick recap, Edi is an award-winning engineer, glider pilot, concert pianist, philosopher and student of ancient wisdom – the perennial philosophy.

Book two is the shortest volume in the series so we have presented this conversation on one instalment. In many ways it could be the most impactful for the reader as it puts us as beings under the microscope. And in just over 200 densely packed pages Edi manages to integrate almost all of the wisdom traditions into one breath taking, coherent picture.

If you have an interest in the areas Edi covers, I guarantee he’ll shake your world view in the politest yet most thorough way you can imagine. My invitation is to listen to the interviews in this series and buy the books and take a year or two to digest them!