Edi Bilimoria (Meet The Author) – Unfolding Consciousness

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Unfolding Consciousness

Edi Bilimoria

Today’s author is Dr Edi Bilimoria. Edi is joining us for what will become a series of conversations to celebrate and explore his extraordinary 4 volume 1200 page magnum opus, Unfolding Consciousness- Exploring the Living Universe and Intelligent Powers in Nature and Humans.

Edi was born in India and was educated at the Universities of London, Sussex and Oxford. Edi presents an unusual blend of experience in the field of science, engineering, art and philosophy. He’s worked as a consultant in many industries including oil and gas, aerospace, and construction. He’s been a project manager and head of design for major innovative projects such as the Channel Tunnel, London Underground systems and offshore installations. A student at the perennial philosophy for over four decades, he has given courses and lectured extensively around the world. He has organised and chaired several major conferences, and his written work has been published extensively in the fields of science, engineering, and esoteric philosophy. On top of all of this, he is also a concert pianist.

Unfolding Consciousness is the culmination of a life’s work and has already garnered much critical acclaim.

In this interview, we explore his life story and how he came to write such a book. It takes place at his house, and we finish with Edi playing his stunning Steinway grand piano.