The Economist who does the Impossible – Fred Harrison (Part I)

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Cover for The Corruption of Economics by Fred Harrison - Book Shepheard Walwyn

The Corruption of Economics

Fred Harrison

Fred’s work gets better with time. He looks more deeply at the economic and social challenges we face than just about any other economist we know. Consequently, he gives insights and illumination that still shine decades later. His forecasts are, in our opinion unrivalled in economics.  In short he has repeatedly done the impossible by forecasting the peaks and troughs of economic cycles years and even decades ahead of others.

To celebrate his work (and his near 40 year relationship with Anthony Werner, the man who has led SW for over 40 years) we took some time to meet with him and explore his work. We begin with The Power in the Land and the Corruption of Economics (co-written with Mason Gaffney) and then move through Boom – Bust and Ricardo’s Law up to his views on the challenges we are facing today such as Brexit, Lockdown, and China.

In the first episode we focus on how Fred became an economist, how he rediscovered and reapplied previously forgotten economic theories and then tested them around the world.  We hope you enjoy the series.

In part two of the Fred Harrison Podcasts we explore the damage that the corruption of economics has done to the “dismal science” and to society.  Fred takes us on a 500 year journey to help you understand how deep the corruption goes and how far we have come from the potentially abundant society we could have if our society was structured more fairly.