Getting robbed, crypto, and taxation – Dominic Frisby (Part IV)

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Welcome to the final instalment of the Dom Frisby interview. In this conversation we discuss the challenges facing governments around the world and the rise of what some call the “Sovereign individual” also known as the digital nomad.

We consider the implications of increasing government spending with reduced tax revenues.

We look at what countries can do to maintain or even increase tax revenue when those who generate the most (taxable) income can move between borders seemingly at will to avoid them. This then leads us to a discussion of crypto currencies.

Dom was an early adopter in the space writing what I believe was the first book on bitcoin with a major publisher. In spite of this, we find out why Dom isn’t worth hundreds of millions of dollars today (even though his investments should be). It’s a heart breaker!

We then finish with what Dom is working on now – essentially an innovative audio experience/musical book and a new way to for him to help investors.