The Trouble with Government – Dominic Frisby (Part I)

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Hello and welcome back to the podcast. My name is Jonathan Brown. Today I am speaking with Dom Frisby, perhaps the world’s first economic commentator/comedian. Dom has been a friend of SW and PSE for a long time, hosting talks with Phil but also being crucial to the superb documentary The Four Horsemen, something we know our readers and subscribers have enjoyed.

A short time ago we interviewed Dom to look at all his work. Whilst he isn’t an SW author we think his work is worth time to look at as he has an interesting perspective on precious metals, crypto, the markets in general and political systems.

In this first podcast we look at how Dom became the world’s first economist-investor-comedian, how he became a libertarian – subtitled “why Cuban fathers want their daughters to be hookers”!

We also look at how well intended government actions can undermine and even eliminate personal responsibility of the citizens they are trying to help, the importance of 1909 to the First World War and why people of every political persuasion seem to dislike the BBC.