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Brian Hodgkinson qualified as a Chartered Accountant, before reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford. During a long teaching career at Sussex University, Dulwich College and St James Schools in London, he developed a strong and diverse interest in writing, which involved studying Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy and epic literature, as well as the continued pursuit of Economics and History.

In all of these he has sought to find the underlying laws that govern the development of both individuals and societies, following Pope’s famous principle ‘The proper study of mankind is man’.

Brian’s latest work is a 3 volume History book series which charts the advancement of civilisation from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century through the study of great individuals or of ordinary people touched for a moment by a vision of greatness. The series can be ordered via Shepheard-Walwyn here. Each volume can also be ordered separately.

Brian has also published some of his books with Shepheard-Walwyn. Click on the cover images to view the book pages.

While publicising  Saviour of the Nation, Brian was interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford. You can hear his interview talking about what influenced him to write this Epic Poem within his blog post Winston Churchill – the ‘Saviour of the Nation’ remembered, commemorating the great man on the 70th anniversary of VE day.


“If epiphanies can come from text books, unsuspecting readers might expect one here.” (A New Model of the Economy)
Land & Liberty

“Brian Hodgkinson deftly pulls together many strands of alternative thought and presents them in a format which no economist can easily dismiss… This is a remarkable book.” (A New Model of the Economy)
Mark Braund,

“This book presents as rational and as clear a theory of economic prosperity for the whole of society as I’ve ever seen. You cannot help but agree with its conclusions, since they are not only based on a sound and logical framework, but are also explained with a healthy dose of common sense.” (A New Model of the Economy)
Martin Adams, Progress

“Clear history of the development of the School of Economic Science which reveals the remarkable story before, during and after the nearly thirty year creative collaboration between a barrister and a guru which affected the lives of so many students and their contacts for the better.” (In Search of Truth)
5* Amazon review

“Brian Hodgkinson’s encyclopaedic knowledge of history and beautiful mastery of language enable him to convey with mounting intensity the events leading up to the declaration of war…. For greater emotional impact read this heroic poem aloud.” (Saviour of the Nation)
5* Amazon Review.

Brian has also published other books which can be viewed on his Amazon author page.